Lady Godiva and Me

A sequence of poems about the City of Coventry, moving from the historical Godgifu and her husband Earl Leofric, via the legend of Godiva to the present day.

Lady Godiva and Me

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Extract from the book

For Lady G.

When they say that you should stay indoors;
ride on.
When they claim this world cannot be yours;
ride on.
Though they build their words around you,
definitions to confound you,
step out and trust yourself,
then ride on.

The person they’re describing can’t be you.
You’re always so much more than what you do.
In your thinking and your actions
there is beauty, not in factions.
Trust the judgment you’ve developed,
and ride on

Frightened strangers in their shuttered rooms;
ride on,
past the priests predicting that you’re doomed;
ride on.
Reject all binary oppositions,
as unthinking superstitions,
step out, and trust yourself,
and then ride on