Arthuriad: Synopsis & Excerpts

A Bold Reinterpretation

Introducting Arthuriad by Rahul Gupta. This profound work of the Arthurian Myth in traditional alliterative verse.

Arthuriad: Synopsis & Excerpts

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Excerpts from A Seasonal Interlude for An Arthurian Epic

i) The Manuscript

Now eye and ear err a moment.
What odd items edge the margins,
from the borders beckon? —Babooneries.
Ignore narrative. In the neighbouring fringe,
chocked cheek by jowl with the chief purpose,
view devices: the verges swarm;
turn from this text, to tarry idly
amid a scribe’s sketches. On the scored vellum
round the writing, are wreathed framing
grisaille designs, scenes and tableaux
above and below the black-letter,
and as emblems set on either side
in linked legendry: a limner’s work
of foolish figures— or fabling show.